CoS Graduate Writing Workshop: "Telling and Selling the Story Hiding in your Dataset"

On Friday, November 13, 2015, thirteen EAS PhD students participated in a six-hour Georgia Tech College of Sciences graduate student science communication workshop "Telling and Selling the Story Hiding in your Dataset". The workshop was led by Sarah Simpson (former Scientific American editor and current Education and Public Outreach Director for the NASA Astrobiology Institute Alternative Earths team based at UC Riverside), organized by EAS faculty member Jennifer Glass, and sponsored by GT College of Sciences. GT faculty members Julia Kubanek and Inga Schmidt-Krey assisted with organization and led workshop break-out sessions. EAS PhD student participants included Amanda Cavazos, Eryn Eitel, Liguori Giovanni, Amelia Longo, Shannon Owings, Anh Pham, Maria Mercedes Pozo Buil, Emily Saad, Charles Smeltzer, Xiaoxu Sun, Filippos Tagklis, Melissa Warren, and Shiliang Zhao. At the workshop, students practiced elevator talks, learned about strategies for successful science writing, performed peer review of abstracts, and created message boxes to identify key points in their science writing including the main question, significance, results, innovation, and impact.