EAS Blog: The Phosphorus Man Cometh


Phosphorus has a considerable impact on biotic development in all environments. Here at GT EAS, Dr. Ellery Ingall researches the ways in which the phosphorus cycle affects several different ecosystems. Additionally, he and Dr. Rodney Weber are developing new research methods to characterize urban aerosols containing phosphorus and other elements that can impact human health.

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Ellery Ingall

Dr. Ellery Ingall’s research of interest includes understanding marine productivity through studies of key nutrient elements, phosphorus and nitrogen; geochemistry of natural waters, sediments and atmospheric aerosols; and development of new methodologies for tracing and understanding elemental cycling on Earth.  Dr. Ingall’s honors include receiving the Philip M. Orville Prize for Outstanding Research and Scholarship from Yale University and the College of Natural Sciences Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Ingall received his Ph.D. in Geology from Yale University in 1991 and has been at Georgia Tech since 2000.


Photo Left:  Dr. Ellery Ingall
Photo Right:  Dr. Ingall’s students help collect samples to be analyzed for phosphorus content.