EAS Professor Britney Schmidt, A "Woman of Robotics"


The field of robotics is changing the world of technology, and 10 ladies at Georgia Tech are part of it. Dr. Britney Schmidt is featured on the article "Women of Robotics" due to her amazing work in Climate and Planetary Science using robots to cover research on Jupiter's moon, Europa. Building and testing robots in the ice of Antarctica may predict the future under Europa's ice crust.

To read the article visit http://www.news.gatech.edu/features/women-robotics

Britney Schmidt

Dr. Britney Schmidt, Assistant Professor, received a BS in Physics from University of Arizona and Ph.D. in Geophysics and Space physics from UCLA. Her area of expertise is planetary ices and the early solar system. She is keenly interested in the habitability of icy worlds to search for life beyond Earth. A veteran of Antarctic fieldwork, she studies Earth’s ice shelves and glaciers to capture the impacts of changing climate and explore analogs for Europa. Britney played a central role in developing several mission concepts, including the recently selected Europa Multiple Flyby mission where she is Co-I on the REASON radar team. She is an associate of the Dawn Framing Camera team. She is PI of Sub-Ice Marine and Planetary Analog Ecosystems (SIMPLE), a $5M NASA program studying the McMurdo Ice Shelf using remote sensing and underwater vehicles. She leads the Georgia Tech built Icefin AUV for under ice exploration.