EAS Scientists to "Collect Data Around the World in 26 Days"

Professors Greg Huey and Rodney Weber as well as Research Scientist David Tanner will join the NASA mission to map global distribution of atmospheric gases. The journey will start on January 28, 2017. The Georgia Tech team among othere scientists will be sampling, collecting, and analyzing atmospheric gases in order to map their global distribution. 

To learn more about this interesting project visit: http://www.cos.gatech.edu/hg/item/586468

Greg Huey
Dr. Huey received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1992. He began working at Georgia Tech in 1999 and is currently the Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. His research interests include chemical kinetics of both ions and neutrals, heterogeneous chemistry, and aircraft sampling of condensable gases. Dr. Huey is a member of the American Geophysical Union, American Physical Society, and American Society of Mass Spectrometrists
David Tanner
David Tanner joining the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences in 1999 and is a Senior Research Technologist in Dr. Greg Huey’s lab.  

Rodney Weber

Dr. Rodney Weber obtained his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 1995 from University of Minnesota and joined Georgia Tech as an Assistant Professor in 1998. His areas of research include tropospheric aerosol particles and development of particle measurement systems. In 2010 he won the EAS Outstanding Faculty Research Author Award and recently the College of Sciences Faculty Mentorship award. Rodney is also a member of both American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) and American Geophysical Union (AGU).