GEAS Alumni of the Year Lecture: Angela Fritz

The Graduates in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (GEAS) committee would like to invite you to attend the GEAS Alumni of the Year Lecture which will be held Thursday, October 22nd, at 3:30 pm in the Ford Environmental Science and Technology building, classroom L1205.

We are excited to host this year's distinguished alumna Angela Fritz<>, who graduated from EAS in 2009 with a Masters degree. The title of her talk is "From Scientist to Journalist: My Anomalous Career Path and Lessons Learned Along the Way." A reception will follow afterward.

"My career path has been anything but ordinary, from a start in weather and climate research to a destination in science journalism, with a brief layover in software development in Silicon Valley. Many of the tools I’ve picked up along the way I developed during my time in Earth and Atmospheric Science, in no small part due to the school’s focus on interdisciplinary research and supportive community. Since my time in EAS, I’ve learned new and valuable things that have helped me become a better science communicator – methods and advice that are wholly applicable to the realm of academia and research. You’d be surprised how much you have in common with the journalists who interview you about your latest studies!"