Graduate Student of the month: Hongyu Guo

Hongyu Guo, winner for “Best Poster” in the EAS graduate student symposium in 2014, is a 6th year graduate student specializing in Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences.  Currently he is working closely with his advisor, Rodney Weber as well as with Professor Athansios Nenes, developing a method to quantify particle acidity (pH), liquid water content and explore their relationships to aerosol properties and processes in the eastern and southwestern US. He is also currently working on the impact of ammonia (NH3) on particle acidity (pH) and nitrate, aiming at providing science and support for particle sulfate and nitrate control in China (heavy haze) and Europe (high nitrate).

Hongyu received his undergraduate degree from Peking University where he majored in environmental science. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, especially landscape. Competing in the 2016 OIE photo contest, Hongyu was awarded “Best Metropolitan Photo”. He says, “Sunrise and sunset show the most amazing lighting during the day”.