James Wray talks about magma evolution in Mars

LSU Media Center has published the article "More Eath-Like Thank Moon-Like" in which expose findings from several researchers across the globe in reference to Mars. 

To read more about this ineresting topic visit http://www.lsu.edu/mediacenter/news/2017/02/24geology_susko_scientificreports.php


James Wray

Dr.  Wray has been an Assistant Professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences since August 2011. He received his bachelor’s degree in Astrophysical Sciences from Princeton University in 2006 (summa cum laude), and completed his PhD in Astronomy and Space Sciences at Cornell University in 2010. His research focuses on using space mission data to determine the compositions of planetary surfaces, with the ultimate goal of characterizing habitable environments and resources for life beyond Earth. He has published widely on these topics (h-index 33) as a member of five different active Mars mission science teams. He won the 2015 Georgia Tech Sigma Xi Young Faculty Award, and subsequently led the research group behind NASA’s recent confirmation of flowing liquid water on modern Mars. He currently serves as Vice Chair of the Geological Society of America’s Planetary Geology Division.