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2018-11-14 14:19

Methane clathrates, crystalline lockers for natural gas deposits deep under Earth's oceans, may also exist on icy moons of Saturn and Jupiter. An interdisciplinary team of Georgia Tech College of Sciences researchers will look into possible microbial influence on these clathrates, thanks to new NASA funding.

2018-11-12 16:18

With funding from the NASA Exobiology Program, a new collaboration between Georgia Tech geomicrobiologists, biochemists, and geoengineers will explore how microbes affect the stability of methane clathrates, one of the largest reservoirs of natural gas left on Earth.

2018-11-01 20:17

Envision a yellow submarine on a rocket to Europa. A new $7 million NASA Astrobiology grant is fueling an alliance of oceanic astrobiology researchers who will unify their efforts to explore oceans on neighbors in the solar system for signs of life. A future highpoint could be helping NASA launch a robotic submarine to probe oceans under the ice crusts of Jupiter's moon.

2018-10-30 15:48

In the Technique Newspaper, Jaimee Francis writes about his experience after attending one of the Chandler Weather Chat Series featuring CNN's Brandon Miller Talk.