McDonald, George

George McDonald

McDonald, George

Graduate Student

Research Interests

  • Radiative transfer
    • Retrievals of atmospheric gas abundances on Mars
    • Modeling transmission in Titan's troposphere
  • Aeolian processes on Titan


  • National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellow (2015-Present)
  • Best Oral Presentation, Georgia Tech EAS Graduate Student Symposium (2015)
  • Hartmann Student Travel Grant, AAS Division for Planetary Sciences (2015)
  • Career Development Award, Lunar and Planetary Institute (2015)
  • Stephen E. Dwornik Award, GSA Planetary Geology Division (2014)


  • [2] G.D. McDonald, A.G. Hayes, R.C. Ewing, J.M. Lora, C.E. Newman, T. Tokano, A. Lucas, A. Soto, G. Chen. Variations in Titan's dune orientations as a result of orbital forcing, Icarus, In Press, 2016.
  • [1] R.C. Ewing, G.D. McDonald, A.G. Hayes. Multi-spatial analysis of aeolian dune-field patterns, Geomorphology 240, 44-53, 2015.

Contact Information

ES&T 2118