Mathias Louboutin Among Fall 2022 Postdoctoral Research Symposium Winning Presenters

On Friday, October 28, postdoctoral fellows participated in the Fall 2022 Georgia Tech Postdoctoral Research Symposium. We would like to extend congratulations to the winning presenters:

Gulcin Arslan Azizoglu, Best Research Talk Overall

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Development of a Microneedle Patch for Malaria Vaccination


Nicolas Somers, Best Lightning Talk Overall

Materials Science and Engineering

The power of light: photonic sintering of ceramics applied to additive manufacturing


Zhe Guang, Best Research Talk from the College of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Quantitative oblique back-illumination microscopy for in-vivo brain tumor margin assessment


Jingyan Wang, Best Lightning Talk from the College of Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Allocation Schemes in Evaluation: Applicant-Centric Holistic or Attribute-Centric Segmented?


Mathias Louboutin, Best Lightning Talk from the College of Sciences

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Software abstractions for scalable multi-disciplinary inverse problems


Namrata Dey Roy, Best Talk from the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

School of Literature, Media and Communication

From 'speaking for' to 'speaking with': Articulation and Representation in Multilingual World


Thank you to the Executive Vice President for Research, the Deans of Engineering and Sciences, the Associate Dean for Research and Outreach in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, and the Vice Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Education for sponsoring the awards.

We also extend a special thanks to our judges for the event:

  • Alena Alamgir, lecturer and director of Technical Communication, Materials Science & Engineering
  • Onur Birol, academic professional, Biological Sciences
  • Rodrigo Borela Valente, lecturer, School of Computing Instruction
  • Seung-Eun Chang, lecturer, Modern Languages
  • Amit Jariwala, director of Design and Innovation, Mechanical Engineering
  • Tammy McCoy, academic professional, Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Mark Moss, senior lecturer, School of Computing Instruction
  • Nimisha Roy, lecturer, School of Computing Instruction
  • Himani Sharma, lecturer, Materials Science & Engineering
  • Daniela Staiculescu, senior academic professional, Electrical and Computer Engineering



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