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Shane Kimbrough in the space station's cupola in August (courtesy: NASA)

NASA astronaut and alumnus Shane Kimbrough will spend March 4 on campus for a series of events. 

"Ocean Adventures with Millie and Sam" created by students Danielle Newman, Clayton Parnell, Parinia Patel, Devon Robinson, and John Thompson.

In her senior year in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Devon Robinson joined fellow students in writing and illustrating a children's book about the deep ocean. Now, their class project is an e-book with NOAA's RESTORE program.

Dorien Minor

School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences' Dorien Minor shares perspective, career plans, and the importance of representation in STEM.

Alexander Robel holds ice used in glacial melt research.

Alexander Robel leads a new study projecting that warm seawater — seeping under certain glaciers — could eventually lead to future sea level rise that’s double that of existing estimates, with new findings published in The Cryosphere.

Susan Lozier, Dean of the College of Sciences (Photo: Tamara Lackey)

Dean Lozier is honored as recipient of the American Meteorological Society’s top award in oceanography: the 2022 Henry Stommel Research Medal.

An Atlanta K-5 student joins a Georgia Tech LEO volunteer to learn about the science behind making slime (Photo: 2020)

Through the Little Einsteins Organization, Georgia Tech students are creating at-home science kits, collaborating with K-5 schools and local libraries, and using Zoom to keep Atlanta's youngest scientists and engineers engaged in STEM.

The AAAS Fellowship Rosette (Photo: AAAS)

Kim M. Cobb, Hanjoong Jo, and Carlos A. R. Sa de Melo are among AAAS scientists, engineers, and innovators being recognized for scientifically and socially distinguished achievements.

Software engineering ideas

Using a new philanthropic grant, Georgia Tech will hire software engineers to write scalable, reliable, and portable open-source software for scientific research.

Enhanced Image by Gerald Eichstädt and Sean Doran (CC BY-NC-SA)/NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS

New NASA satellite images of polar cyclones on Jupiter are helping Annalisa Bracco and a network of fellow scientists understand the forces and fluid dynamics that drive these unique weather patterns.

James Stringfellow

James Stringfellow, an employment specialist with experience helping Atlanta’s veterans and entertainment industry, will now assist College of Sciences students and instructors with career mapping, planning, and workforce issues.