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Africa is home to a diverse range of vertebrate ecosystems, including the most complete natural community of remaining terrestrial megafauna. (Photo: Jess Hunt-Ralston)

Jenny McGuire will study Africa's fossil record to inform conservation biology decisions and forecast how humans and climate affect wildlife — building a better understanding between animals, physical traits over time, response to environmental changes.

A staff member assembles kits for campus Covid-19 surveillance testing

As of this week, the omicron variant makes up the majority of new coronavirus cases in the U.S.

Minda Monteagudo

Minda Monteagudo is a one-of-a-kind student, literally. She is the first student to ever graduate with a Ph.D. in ocean sciences and engineering from Georgia Tech.

At just a few inches under our feet, the rhizosphere is described as a "hotspot for microbes." (Photo by Chad Ralston)

Georgia Tech scientists and engineers are building a new DOE-funded instrument that captures 3D images of plant-microbe chemical reactions underground in an interdisciplinary effort to develop biofuels and fertilizers — and help mitigate climate change.

An underwater hydrothermal vent, or "black smoker." (Photo: NOAA)

An international team finds a new twist in the Earth’s oceanic nutrient cycles, adding new possibilities for a key building block of life on Earth and Earth-like planets beyond the solar system.

Traffic in Atlanta

School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences researchers show connections to traffic emissions as chief cause

The Future of Space Exploration

Georgia Tech points to what’s next, and how the Institute will contribute. “Discovering life beyond Earth would fundamentally change humanity’s perspective on our place in the universe,” says Earth and Atmospheric Sciences' Jennifer Glass.

Tara Holdampf

Satellite counselor Tara Holdampf will provide confidential consultations and support for students, virtually and from the Molecular Science and Engineering Building

Jack Winn (left), Dhruti Triveti, and Julianna Mercado wait for measurements from specialized equipment in the Analytical Chemistry Lab in the Boggs Building. (Photo Renay San Miguel)

Learn about new Tech Fee-powered equipment and resources, and hear from Analytical Chemistry Lab instructors about how they’re using new instruments to advance their curriculum and the impact of these on students' career preparation.

International Education Week is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.

During International Education Week, the College of Sciences celebrates the impact of international perspectives, connection, and contributions in our community.