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2019 SM Quiz Winner Harshavardhan Murali

Third-year physics Ph.D. student wins quiz 7 of ScienceMatters Season 3.

Lucrezia De Pascalis

Fourth-year chemistry Ph.D. student wins quiz 10 of ScienceMatters Season 3.

Michael Damron, associate professor, School of Mathematics

Michael Damron joins a long line of Georgia Tech scientist honorees

Aditya Tapshalkar

Third-year computer science major wins quiz 9 of ScienceMatters Season 3.

Susan Lozier, dean of the Georgia Tech College of Sciences. (Photo by Renay San Miguel)

College of Sciences Dean Susan Lozier talks oceanography and climate change in ScienceMatters Season 3, Episode 10.

JC Gumbart, associate professor in the School of Physics.

JC Gumbart explains the power of molecular simulations in ScienceMatters Season 3 Episode 9.

All star cast at the ASTOUNDING ELEMENTS exhibit opening (Photo by Renay San Miguel)

"The essence and beauty of science is that it is a collective effort that spans generations," Dean Lozier said in remarks at the opening of the 'ASTOUNDING ELEMENTS' exhibit in the Georgia Tech Library. 

Johannes Leisen

Principle research scientist in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry shares his favorite element.

Mercury Transit 2019 (Credit: NASA)

Telescopes on Howey Building roof offer chance to view rare celestial event on Nov. 11.

Joel Kostka, professor in the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Joel Kostka wonders how global warming changes soil microbes in Season 3 Episode 8 of ScienceMatters.