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Hurricane Michael razed farmland across south Georgia in October. (Courtesy of Georgia Department of Agriculture)

External News: Kim Cobb explains implications of 2018 climate report.

The Dangers of 3D Printing

Fast Company reports on Rodney Weber's landmark study on the dangers of 3D printing.

Structure of a methane clathrate block found in Oregon. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

An interdisciplinary research team wins funding to study methane clathrates on Earth and on outer moons of the solar system.

Saturn's moon Enceladus

Envision a yellow submarine on a rocket to Europa as a future highpoint of a research project led by Georgia Tech to search for life in our solar system's oceans.

Statistics reveal that this very year our last sub-60 degree Farenheit day of spring occurred the earliest it ever has in 149 years, while our  first 60 degree Farenheit day of autumn occurred the latest it ever has.

Kim Cobb

External News: Kim Cobb is among academics whose work has been funded by premier US science agencies

Celebrating College of Sciences Alumni, 2018 Homecoming Week

Alumni share insights from their experiences as Georgia Tech students.

Earth’s biosphere (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

Two billion years ago, Earth’s biosphere made much less oxygen than today, study finds.

Kim Cobb on WSB TV2

On WSB-TV2, Kim Cobb describes first results from sea-level sensors deployed in Savannah.

Joel Kostka

Georgia Tech and Department of Energy national lab researchers will study plant microbiome’s role in keeping wetlands healthy in the face of climate change.