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Diversity at Georgia Tech

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is the latest College of Sciences school to host a Bridge Program. The new EAS American Geophysical Union Bridge Program aims to support and increase representation of underrepresented minority geoscience graduate students.

AGU Bridge Program

AGU partners with Georgia Tech's School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences to recruit and retain underrepresented students.

Archie Ervin (left) will serve as chair of the newly formed Georgia Tech Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. Pearl Alexander (right) will serve as vice chair.

More than 50 representatives from across the campus have been appointed by President Ángel Cabrera to the newly formed Georgia Tech Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.

Georgia Tech Astrobiology

The ExplOrigins group shares research, makes connections, and reaches out to early career scientists and others who are interested in work related to how life began on Earth — and where it might also exist in our cosmos.

"Ocean Adventures with Millie and Sam" created by students Danielle Newman, Clayton Parnell, Parinia Patel, Devon Robinson, and John Thompson.

“Mini-mester” class focuses on classic children’s storytelling techniques for teaching kindergarten through eighth graders graders about ocean science

Image: Ocean Visions

Led by Emanuele Di Lorenzo, the new partnership seeks to develop and deploy ocean-based technologies that can draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and ocean to reverse the impacts of climate change.

Drawdown Georgia

Drawdown Georgia and its research team, led by the School of Public Policy's Marilyn Brown, rolls out its list of 20 climate solutions this week. 

Jordan McKaig, PhD student in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

McKaig discusses her astrobiology research and shares what first interested her in space and science.

Keith Oden

Keith Oden, longtime Director of Academic Diversity for the College of Sciences, will retire after serving and building the Georgia Tech community for 35 years.

Divers preparing the autonomous benthic lander vehicle developed by Georgia Tech's Martial Taillefert during exploration of the Gulf of Mexico's "blue holes." (Photo Florida Atlantic University)

Georgia Tech alumna, professor continue explorations of offshore Gulf Coast sinkholes