Graduate Application Requirements

We welcome applicants having a bachelor's degree with backgrounds in natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, and/or engineering. You do not have to have a master's degree to enter into our Ph.D. program. As research in EAS covers a wide range of disciplines, it is important that prospective students contact potential advisors to determine if their research interests and backgrounds are aligned.

Application materials include the following: personal statement, three letters of references, official transcripts, and the TOEFL score (for international students whose native language is not English and who have not spent an academic year in a U.S. institution). The Graduate Admission Committee no longer considers GRE test scores for admission decisions.

After the application deadline (January 1st) the Graduate Admission Committee will review completed applications. It is common for individual faculty members to reach out to prospective students for a phone or online interview. Admission decisions are based on the comprehensive review, and this process often continues through March.

  • The Personal Statement is your opportunity to clearly establish your research interests and career objectives, in approximately 300 to 400 words (the online system permits a maximum of 4,000 characters).  In your statement, indicate past research and professional experience and your reasons for wishing to pursue your particular program of interest in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Science at Georgia Tech, as opposed to another university. It should also discuss your training and experience, and should mention honors, memberships, and extracurricular activities. Specifically you should indicate research experience, fellowships (NSF, DOE, EPA etc...) and any scholarship applications you might have in process.  A resume is not required, but can be submitted to concisely document your background and credentials.
  • The letters of reference represent key sources of information. Select references who know your strengths, interests, and abilities to excel in academic and professional environments. If you are currently enrolled in a graduate program, at least one of your recommendations should be from a faculty member who supervises your work.
  • Interview is optional and applicants will be specifically invited by individual faculty members. This interview provides additional opportunity to express your research interest and background and to ask questions about academic programs, potential research projects, facilities, financial aids, etc.

For international students whose native language is not English, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required. International applicants who have attended a U.S. college or university for a minimum of one academic year are not required to provide TOEFL scores.

The following application materials are required to be submitted by all graduate applicants. Most of these items will be submitted via the online application.

  • Application Form: Submitted online. Complete all requested information. This is a standard document for the entire Institute.
  • $75 Application Fee ($85 for international applicants): Payment is made at completion of online application.
  • Application for Georgia Residence Status: You must complete this form only if you claim Georgia residency. Georgia residency implies that you have lived in Georgia for at least twelve months, with a primary purpose other than attending an educational institution in the state. The residency decision is made at the institutional level and has no bearing on your admission to the graduate program, only on the level of tuition that you would be charged as an enrolled student.
  • For Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the required minimum total score on the internet-based TOEFL exam is 90. The paper-based TOEFL exam is still accepted with a minimum score of 577. Before an application package is reviewed by the faculty, a passing TOEFL score must be on file. Georgia Tech's Institute Code for TOEFL registration is 5248.  For more information:
  • International applicants who have attended a U.S. college or university for a minimum of one academic year are not required to provide a TOEFL score. However, a transcript from the U.S. college or university must be provided in order to qualify for this exemption.

Information from citizens of countries other than the U.S. (International Applicants Only): International applicants must complete the Non-Citizens form and include financial documentation showing support for their first year of graduate study (approximately $46,000). Higher amounts of support documentation are required for those who will be accompanied by their spouse and/or child(ren). Financial documentation consists of a letter from the source of the support stating their willingness and ability to supply sufficient support, and a statement from a financial institution which shows that adequate funds are available.