• Matthew is a fourth-year EAS major with a concentration in meteorology.
  • Jason is a senior undergraduate EAS major with a concentration in meteorology.
  • Hannah's academic interests include environmental policy and climate science. She is working with Dr. Kim Cobb to examine relationships between salinity and oxygen isotopes to identify trends related to El Niño Southern Oscillation in the tropical Pacific.
  • Walter is currently working on the VERNE project, a NASA sponsored mission concept to penetrate the icy surface of Europa and search for biosignatures in the ocean beneath while pursuing a minor in geophysics while completing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech.
  • Maci Harrell is a fourth year EAS student with a focus in planetary geology planning to graduate in Fall 2021. She has worked with Dr. James Wray on data from the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM).
  • Holt is a former EAS major who graduated in August 2020. He worked with Dr. Takamitsu Ito on the CIMP6 project in which he restructured and displayed ocean data.
  • Laurel Freeman - October, 2020
    Laurel's academic interests include severe thunderstorm development and short to medium range forecasting.
  • Georgia Tech Spring 2020 Carbon Reduction Challenge Winners
    Spring 2020 CRC Winners

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Tech Tower in Early Spring

Students, staff, faculty, will lead a dozen projects focused on building communities of excellence, catalyzing discovery and solutions, and amplifying impact. Funded by the Sutherland Chair, the work aims to achieve goals in the College’s strategic plan.

Elbon shares that "the most fulfilling part of research, for myself, is that I get to learn something new every day."

Ocean Science & Engineering Ph.D. student Claire Elbon shares her research and experiences joining the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences community during Covid-19.

SURE Internships attracts qualified under-represented minority and women students into graduate school in the fields of engineering and science.

On and off Georgia Tech’s campus, there are countless opportunities for undergraduate students to gain practical skills, connections with industry leaders, and hands-on experience through research and internship opportunities.

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A seminar by Dr. Rob Chadwick, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences


A seminar by Dr. Laurie Barge, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Summer Undergraduate Research

NSF-Sponsored REU Program
Broadening Participation in Atmosphere Science, Oceanography and
Geosciences (AOG) Undergraduate Research
Atlanta, GA – May 17 to July 24, 2020

Application Deadline: February 15, 2020  Apply Now.

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New Interdisciplinary Graduate Program