• August Harrell is a junior EAS major planning to graduate in Spring 2022.
  • Congratulations Dr. Frances Rivera-Hernandez
    Awarded NASA NSPIRES grant
  • Abigail Johnson
    P.E.O. Scholar Award for the 2021-2022 academic year
  • A fourth-year Earth and Atmospheric Sciences major with a concentration in Environmental Sciences, Kelsey is graduating in May 2021 with a certificate in Sustainable Business and a passion for both people and the planet.
  • Matthew is a fourth-year EAS major with a concentration in meteorology.
  • Jason is a senior undergraduate EAS major with a concentration in meteorology.
  • Hannah's academic interests include environmental policy and climate science. She is working with Dr. Kim Cobb to examine relationships between salinity and oxygen isotopes to identify trends related to El Niño Southern Oscillation in the tropical Pacific.
  • Walter is currently working on the VERNE project, a NASA sponsored mission concept to penetrate the icy surface of Europa and search for biosignatures in the ocean beneath while pursuing a minor in geophysics while completing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech.

Recent News


SPRUCE experiment study shows elevated levels of greenhouse gases emerging from carbon-rich peatlands

Smoke from human-caused wildfires on the Patagonian steppe are trapped in Antarctic ice. (Photo Kathy Kasic/Brett Kuxhausen, Montana State University)

Georgia Tech researcher’s team uses ice core samples to reveal significant smoke aerosols in pre-industrial Southern Hemisphere

Georgia Tech Leading in the Quest for Ocean Solutions

Learn how our researchers tackle some of the ocean’s biggest problems.

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A 3-day symposium on Sustainable Food, Climate & Health, and the UN Ocean's Decade.

Summer Undergraduate Research

NSF-Sponsored REU Program
Broadening Participation in Atmosphere Science, Oceanography and
Geosciences (AOG) Undergraduate Research
Atlanta, GA – May 17 to July 24, 2020

Application Deadline: February 15, 2020  Apply Now.

Ocean Program

New Interdisciplinary Graduate Program