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Peter Addison, fourth-year undergraduate and May 2020 candidate for graduation from the School of Physics, and Lucy, the family goldendoodle.

School of Physics’ Addison will graduate into Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, pursuing Ph.D. and safe landing sites for NASA’s Europa Clipper

A sheen of oil coats the surface of the Gulf of Mexico in June 2010, as ships work to help control the Deepwater Horizon spill. Credit: kris krüg, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0/Eos Magazine

Eos article led by Joel Kostka spotlights ten years of advances in genomics, analysis of how ecosystems react to oil spills

Nature Astronomy, March 2020

Study on intermediate-mass black holes, multiband gravitational waves takes the spotlight in this month's Nature Astronomy.

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A seminar by Dr. Gabriele Morra, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences


A seminar by Dr. Wenyuan Fan, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences


A seminar by Dr. Roya Bahreini, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Summer Undergraduate Research

NSF-Sponsored REU Program
Broadening Participation in Atmosphere Science, Oceanography and
Geosciences (AOG) Undergraduate Research
Atlanta, GA – May 17 to July 24, 2020

Application Deadline: February 15, 2020  Apply Now.

Ocean Program

New Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Weather Underground PWS KGAATLAN214
Seismic Monitor

EAS Weather and Seismic Stations