Meet the Undergraduates of EAS

  • Aria Creque

    Aria Creque – March, 2023

    Aria Creque is a fourth year Earth and Atmospheric Sciences major, primarily focusing on environmental science, with minors in Spanish and International Affairs. She is currently interested in researching the effects of eutrophication on coastal acidification off Savannah’s coast with the help of Dr. Bolden and Dr. Taillefert. After graduating this spring, she is excited to begin a career in environmental consulting before returning to school for her Masters. She hopes to continue to use her career to study and mitigate the effects of climate change globally in whatever way she can. In her free time, she enjoys watching musicals, spending time with friends, and traveling to gain new experiences and interact with different cultures.

  • Ryan McGee

    Ryan McGee – February, 2023

    Ryan is a fourth-year EAS major with a focus in the solid earth and environmental sciences. He currently conducts research with Dr. Karl Lang’s TECHtonics group, utilizing GIS to study landslides in Puerto Rico. He also works part-time for Dr. Lang in the rock-cutting lab as a mineral separation lab technician. He hopes to pursue an internship this upcoming summer to enhance his experience in the consulting industry. During his time at tech, Ryan has held the role of president of the Sigma Gamma Epsilon Honors Society and become a general member of the Association of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AEES), Astronomy Club and Figure Skating Club. During his free time, Ryan enjoys playing social deduction games, eating at Korean Barbecue restaurants, and being a Disney Adult (his favorite princess is Princess Tiana).

  • David Clark

    David Clark – January, 2023

    David Clark is a fourth-year EAS undergraduate student interested in oceanography, currently conducting research with Dr. Ito on tracking carbon flux in the Pacific Ocean. He works as a Teaching Assistant in Dr. Wilson’s Intro to Environmental Science class and as a climbing wall attendant at the CRC. This summer, he worked as an intern on the Smart Sea Level Sensors project, installing sensors and helping with K-12 outreach. David is currently a Local Project Coordinator with GT Trailblazers and has volunteered as a Team Leader for GT1000. In the future, he hopes to earn his Ph.D. in chemical oceanography. He enjoys rock climbing, playing soccer and basketball, sailing, and going on road trips. In fact, by the time you read this, he’s probably planning his next one.

  • Chelsea Bekemeier

    Chelsea Bekemeier – December, 2022

    Chelsea Bekemeier is a senior Earth and Atmospheric Sciences major with a concentration in meteorology. Her research interests include the relationship between climate change and extreme weather events, as well as atmospheric chemistry.  She is a recipient of the 2022 Rutt Bridges Award and is currently working with Dr. Huey on the detection of trace species in the Upper Troposphere Lower Stratosphere (UTLS) enhanced by convection related to the Asian Summer Monsoon anticyclone. Under Dr. Huey, she participated in the NASA/NCAR Asian Summer Monsoon Chemical and Climate Impact Project (ACCLIP) mission this summer in the Republic of Korea. Chelsea also works on designing high-altitude balloon payloads for atmospheric measurements as a part of the Lightning from the Edge of Space Vertically Integrated Project. She is a member of the Sigma Gamma Epsilon Earth Science Honor Society and the Vice President/Social Media Manager of the Georgia Tech American Meteorological Society Chapter, StORM Club. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, caving, rock climbing, and sport parachuting. 

  • Anna Redanz

    Anna Redanz – November, 2022

    Anna Redanz is a Fourth year EAS major with a focus in geophysics graduating this fall. Anna has been doing research under Dr. Naif as a member of the electromagnetic geophysics lab since the fall of 2021. Her research interests include but are not limited to methane hydrate location, subduction zone imaging, and on-land magnetotellurics. She hopes to attend grad school and diversify her current research portfolio which she also worked to do during this past summer. She assisted with on-land magnetotelluric research in the Eastern Fold Belt in Bangladesh and then shortly after, she participated in researching rock deformation through the RORD REU at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Peč Lab. For work, Anna loves her job as a part-time nanny for a family of 5 kids, as well as being a lab TA for 2600 this semester. Outside of work and school, she loves to scrapbook, bake, decorate, do yoga, go thrifting, make kombucha, craft homemade greeting cards and hang out with friends.

  • Caitlin Kaiser

    Caitlin Kaiser – October, 2022

    Caitlin is a fourth-year Earth and Atmospheric Science major with a concentration in meteorology. In previous semesters, she worked as a teaching assistant for the Earth Processes lab under Dr. Grantham. Last spring, she interned with the CNN Weather Team where she wrote weather-related articles for, assisted staff meteorologists with research, alerts, and graphics, as well as managed their social media. Now, Caitlin continues to work for CNN as a freelance weather producer where she produces graphics for on-air weather hits and assists with digital content. Outside of academics, Caitlin is a student-athlete at Tech where she is the captain of the National Champion Goldrush Dance Team. In her free time, she enjoys being a member of Alpha Chi Omega, reading, watching sunsets, and traveling -- especially to the beach.

  • Leah Hornsey

    Leah Hornsey – September, 2022

    Leah Hornsey is a fourth-year concentrating in geophysics within EAS. She has been a member of Dr. Chu’s Glacier Geophysics research group for a year. In Spring 2022, she received the President’s Undergraduate Research Award to study the hydrology of Store Glacier in Greenland using NASA radar data. She also had the opportunity to travel to the Mojave Desert to study the tectonics of southern California through the Geophysical Field Methods class. Throughout her time at Tech, she has been a part of Engineers Without Borders, Christian Campus Fellowship, and WREK Radio. She hopes to become an environmental consultant after getting her Master’s in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

  • Faria Panwala

    Faria Panwala – August, 2022

    Faria is a fourth-year Earth and Atmospheric Science major focusing on meteorology. Her research interests include severe weather and tornadoes, and she hopes to have a career in science communication and emergency management regarding natural disasters. This past summer, she started interning with NOAA’s Air Resources Laboratory in the Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division, which focuses on air quality and climate-related research. Outside of school, she enjoys volunteering with local communities to educate and bridge the gap between young women, specifically from underrepresented groups, and STEM. She also enjoys traveling, building 3D puzzles, and ceramics.

  • Nadiyah Williams

    Nadiyah Williams – July, 2022

    Nadiyah is a second-year EAS student with a focus in meteorology. She is currently involved with tornado-related research at the Severe Storms Research Center and will be working with the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Summer 2022 under the William M. Lapenta Student Internship Program on doppler radar and radiosonde research. She is also a teaching assistant for EAS 2600 and a resident assistant. In her spare time, she enjoys playing roller derby with Yellow Jacket Roller Derby and watching anime.

  • Autumn Toms

    Autumn Toms – June, 2022

    Autumn Toms is a third-year Earth and Atmospheric Science major with an interest in meteorology. In the past year, she worked with Dr. Lynch-Stieglitz’s lab group to determine changes in the southeast Atlantic oxygen minimum zone during the last glacial maximum. She now researches with GTRI’s Severe Storms Research Center to determine how the peak rotational velocity from radar of tornadoes in the southeast United States compares to the recorded EF rating. This summer Autumn will research at the Marine Meteorology Division of the US Naval Research Laboratory, where she will work on a project concerning tropical cyclones. Autumn will also serve as the next president of StORM Club, Georgia Tech’s AMS student chapter. She enjoys taking photos of the sky, hiking, and listening to audiobooks.