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Starting in Summer 2023, EAS will have 3 new undergraduate degrees.  Please go here for more information.



The existing program is one degree covering...


Photo: EAS Undergraduate Melissa LeFevre Class of 2013 | Weekend Meteorologist for Fox 46 Carolina

EAS undergraduates participate in climate research with Tech faculty and do internships at The Weather Channel, CNN. CBS, ABC, Delta Air Lines, and the National Weather Service. STORM (STudents Observing and Researching Meteorology), an AMS-chartered club, is also run by EAS students.

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Environmental Sciences

EAS Students are involved in policy and media-related environmental activities throughout the United States, as well as air and water quality research with Tech faculty. Students do internships at the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, the Atlanta Regional Commission, CNN, and the EPA.

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Earth Sciences

EAS students get hands-on geologic and geophysical field experience through courses and research opportunities with Tech faculty. Students also do internships with the U.S. Geological Survey, SAGE, and NASA.

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Academic Faculty: Dr. Zachary Handlos


Academic Faculty: Dr. Samantha Wilson