Undergraduate Research in EAS

A research excursion on Sapelo Island. Pictured (left to right): Chloe Stanton (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (EAS) undergraduate student), Amanda Cavazos (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (EAS) graduate student), Melissa Warren (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (EAS) graduate student), Jennifer Glass (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (EAS) assistant professor, Biogeochemistry)We feel strongly that getting to do research is a very exciting part of the undergraduate experience in EAS. While it is important that our students graduate with a strong sense of understanding the earth around you, we also want our them to leave EAS with a strong sense of how science is done in this field and what this means for their future endeavors. Our senior courses are designed to give our students experience in posing and solving research questions. However, we highly encourage doing research with faculty prior to senior year.