Prospective Students FAQ

How do I schedule a visit?

There are daily info sessions at Georgia Tech and campus tours (for info and to register see Campus Visit). Also, there is a program every Friday that allows you to attend an undergraduate course and visit labs (for info and to register see "It's All About Science and Math"). Finally, to arrange a visit to the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, contact Dr. Zachary Handlos or Dr. Samantha Wilson.

What are the new undergrad degree programs in EAS?

Starting in Summer 2023, EAS is enrolling students into three new degree programs.  They are BS degrees in Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences (AOS), Solid Earth and Planetary Sciences (SEP), and Environmental Science (ENVS).

How do I get an application and admissions information?

See applying to Georgia Tech.

Are there minimum GPA or SAT requirements?

There is no minimum requirement of GPA or SAT. It is based on the competitiveness of the applicants. You can read more about admissions here.

What kind of financial aid or scholarships are available?

To see more about financial aid and scholarships see scholarships/financial aid.

What courses do I need to transfer in, and how do I know my courses will transfer?

To see the courses that you need to transfer to Tech go to If you want to see how courses from your current school will transfer see our transfer equivalencies. Also, if you go here, you'll see the deadlines for applying.

Can I still enroll in the general EAS degree program?

Currently, the general BS in EAS is planned to stop enrolling new students in 2025.  Most students will want to enroll in one of the three new BS degrees supported by EAS.

Who do I contact for future information?

You can contact our main academic advisors, Dr. Zachary Handlos or Dr. Samantha Wilson.