Graduate Student Financial Assistance

The majority of financial assistance for graduate students at Georgia Tech comes from Graduate Assistantships. These assistantships support nearly all of EAS's full-time graduate students (Phd and Masters with Thesis). The current EAS stipend for EAS graduate students is $31,000.00, or $2,583.33 per month, and includes full tuition payment.

First-year students are REQUIRED to TA a lab section their first semester.

Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantships (GTA | GRA) are funded by the department or faculty research grants.

  • Teaching Assistantships: assist faculty in teaching, grading, running labs, holding tutorials, etc.
  • Research Assistantships: participate in research, run experiments, analyze data, library research, write computer programs, etc.

***Additional information about Graduate Assistantships, fellowships, loans, and off-campus employment options is available on the Office of Graduate Studies site.

***For more information on demographics, admissions, and time-to-degree for doctoral students in our program, go to Doctoral Student Statistics. Enter the search criteria for 'Earth & Atmospheric Sciences'.

Cost & Fees (Graduate Studies website)


Fellowships (PhD students only)

Fellowships carry an extra stipend, in addition to the standard assistantship stipend. There are no extra duties.

Applicants with a grade point average of 3.6 or better are urged to apply to the Ph.D. program early to ensure consideration for the fellowships. The nomination is made by the Graduate Admissions Committee; no further action or forms are required by the applicant.

Georgia Tech students hold a variety of national and local fellowships. Some are determined by national competitions (applications are usually due in early Fall). Some are awarded by the academic departments at Georgia Tech. A few are administered by the Graduate Office, upon recommendation by a graduate coordinator.

  • Presidential Fellowship: PFs provide an additional stipend of $5,500 per academic year of full-time enrollment, paid in two installments for the fall and spring terms. Recipients of national fellowships may be offered PFs if allowed by the national fellowship. The first-year award is renewable for three additional academic years, based upon the major school's evaluation of the student's academic performance, research potential, and progress toward the doctoral degree. US resident and/or Permanent Resident are eligible.
  • College of Sciences (CoS) Dean Fellowship: CoS Dean's Doctoral Fellowship Fund provides fellowship support to promote the creation of inclusive cohorts of doctoral students so as to maximize the educational benefits of diversity. The program will provide support for U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are from groups that are underrepresented in doctoral programs in the discipline. The CoS Dean's Doctoral Fellowship is equivalent to a Presidential Fellowship, and comes with a travel award of up to $1,000 to support student travel to a conference.


Fellowships (Not Offered by Georgia Tech)

Below is not a comprehensive list of nation-wide fellowships, but a guide to get started: