Graduate Student Thesis Titles

Year Student Advisor Degree Title
2007 Agudelo, Paula Curry, J.A. Ph.D Role of Local Thermodynamic Coupling in the Life Cycle of the Intraseasonal Oscillation in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool
2007 Choi, Yunsoo Wang, Y. Ph.D Spring to Summer Transitions of Ozone and Its Precursors over North America and Photochemistry over Antarctica
2007 Combes, Vincent Di Lorenzo, E. Ph.D Intrinsic and forced interannual variability of the Gulf of Alaska mesoscale circulation
2007 Crowell, Brendan Lowell, R. MS Biological sulfur reactions and the influence on fluid flow at mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal systems
2007 Ghosh, Abhijit Newman, A. MS Earthquake Frequency-Magnitude Distribution and Interface Locking at the Middle America Subduction Zone near Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
2007 Jelinek, Mark Curry, J.A. MS The Seasonal Predicability of Snowpack Behavior During Spring
2007 Jeong, Gill-Ran Sokolik, I. Ph.D Investigation of Mineral Dust Aerosols - Chemistry Intractions in the Marine Environments
2007 Liu, Lei Lowell, R. MS The Link Between Convection and Crystallization in a Sub-Axial Magma Chamber and Heat Output in a Seafloor Hydrothermal System
2007 Wei, Jiangfeng Dickinson, R. Ph.D Land-atmosphere interaction and climate variability
2006 Bristow, Gwendolyn Taillefert, M. Ph.D The effect of tidal forcing on iron cycling in intertidal salt marsh sediments
2006 Darmenova, Kremena Sokolik, I. Ph.D Integrated Spatiotemporal Characterization of Dust Sources and Outbreaks in Central and East Asia
2006 Estupinan, Jeral Bergin, M. Ph.D The Direct Influence of Aerosols on UV Irradiance and the Development of a Synthetic Current UV Index
2006 Gosnell, Sawyer Lowell, R. MS Numerical Modeling of Induced Diffuse Flow in Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems
2006 Hoyas, Carlos Webster, P. Ph.D Intraseasonal Variability: Processes, Predictability and Prospects for Prediction
2006 Karabanov, Oleksandr Roper, R. Ph.D Seasonal and spatial structure of the gravity waves and vertical winds over the central USA derived from the NOAA Profiler
2006 Kim, Sangmyung Lizarralde, D. Ph.D Spreading-rate Dependent Mid-ocean Ridge Processes Expressed in Western Atlantic Lithosphere
2006 King, Jennifer Taillefert, M. MS Evidence for manganese-catalyzed nitrogen cycling in salt marsh sediments
2006 Maxwell, Kari Weber, R. Ph.D Urban Impacts on Atmospheric Chemistry: Surface Ozone in Large Versus Small Urban Centers and Urban Pollution in Asian Dustorms
2006 Rao, Alexandra Ingall, E. Ph.D Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Permeable Continental Shelf Sediments and Porewater Solute Exchange Across the Sediment-Water Interface
2006 Robinson, Dennis Black, R. Ph.D Diagnostic Studies of Extratropical Intraseasonal Variability in the Northern Hemisphere
2006 Shem, Willis Dickinson, R. Ph.D Biosphere-Atmosphere Interaction over the Congo Basin and its Influence on the Regional Hydrological Cycle
2006 Shim, Changsub Wang, Y. Ph.D Constraining Global Biogenic Emissions and Exploring Source Contributions to Tropospheric Ozone: Modeling Applications
2006 Sjostedt, Steve Huey, G. Ph.D Investigation of Photochemistry at High Latitudes: Comparison of Model Predictions to Measurements of Short Lived Species
2006 Sullivan, Amy Weber, R. Ph.D The Ambient Organic Aerosol Soluble in Water: Measurements, Chemical Characterization, and an Investigation of Sources
2006 Thompson, Andrea Huey, G. MS Reactions of Bromide Ions with Atmospheric Trace Gases and Aerosols
2006 Toteva, Tatiana Long, L. Ph.D Semblance Based Imaging of Scatterers With an Application in Identifying Near-Surface Heterogeneities
2006 Whitesides, Benton Black, R. MS Interannual Zonal Variability of the Coupled Stratosphere-Troposphere Climate System
2006 Wright, Jonathon Fu, R. Ph.D Influences of Tropical Deep Convection on Upper Tropospheric Humidity
2006 Yoshida, Yasuko Wang, Y. Ph.D Global Sources and Distribution of Atmospheric Methyl Chloride
2006 Zhou, Mi Dickinson, R. Ph.D Advancing Assessments on Aerosol Radiative Effect by Measurement-based Direct Effect Estimation and Through Developing an Explicit Climatological Convective Boundary Layer Model
2005 Agudelo, Paula Curry, J.A. MS Analysis of spatial distribution in tropospheric and sea surface temperature trends
2005 Huang, Yan Chameides, W. Ph.D Assessments of the Direct and Indirect Effects of Anthropogenic Aerosols on Regional Precipitation over East Asia Using a Coupled Regional Climate-Chemistry-Aerosol Model
2005 Jian, Jun Webster, P.J. MS Relationship between the Pacific Ocean SST Variability and the Ganges-Brahmaputra River Discharge
2005 Kubera, Kimberly Curry, J.A. MS Evaluation of Upper Atmospheric Ozone Data provided by a Differential- Absorption Lidar
2005 McDaniel, Brent Black, R. Ph.D Intraseasonal Dynamical Evolution of the Northern Annular Mode
2005 Mooring, Raymond Dickinson, R.E. Ph.D On Using Empirical Techniques To Optimize The Shortwave Parameterization Scheme Of The Community Atmospheric Model Version Two Global Climate Model
2004 Bartley, Christopher Ingall, E. MS A search for chemolithotrophic denitrification
2004 Chowdhury, Zohir Russell Ph.D Characterization Of Fine Particle Air Pollution In The Indian Subcontinent
2004 Cohan, Daniel Russell Ph.D Photochemical Formation and Cost-Efficient Abatement of Ozone: High-Order Sensitivity Analysis
2004 Jing, Ping Cunnold, D.M. Ph.D Isentropic ozone transport across the tropopause in the lower stratosphere and upper troposphere
2004 Kahn, Daniel Lizzarralde MS The Blake Ridge
2004 Liu, Qing Dickinson, R.E. Ph.D Land surface modeling with enhanced consideration of soil hydraulic properties and terrestrial ecosystems
2004 Ma, Yilin Weber, R. Ph.D Developments and improvements to the particle-into-liquid-sampler (PILS) and its applications to Asian outflow studies
2004 Smolinski, Kelly Curry, J.A. MS Interrelationships Among Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation Regimes and Surface Temperature Anomalies in the North American Arctic
2004 Tan, Qian Chameides, W. Ph.D Investigations of the Emissions and Fate of Anthropogenic Air Pollutants from East Asia Using Regional On-line and Off-line Chemistry-Climate Modeling System
2004 Zhang, Jing Chameides, W. Ph.D Analyses of Atmospheric Pollutants in Atlanta and Hong Kong Using Observation-Based Methods
2004 Zhu, Lei Wine, P.H. Ph.D Aqueous Phase Reaction Kinetics of Organic Sulfur Compounds of Atmospheric Interest
2003 Carey, Elizabeth Taillefert, M. MS Using plug-flow reactors to determine the role of soluble Fe(III) in the cycling of iron and sulfur in salt marsh sediments
2003 Diamond, Dan Weber, R.   New York supersite instrument intercomparison and analysis
2003 DiNunno, Brian J. Davis, D.D.   An assessment of tropospheric photochemistry over the central/eastern North Pacific
2003 George, Charles Gaherty MS An evaluation of precipitation as a seismicity triggering mechanism in Southern California
2003 Hanks, Karari Bergin MS Water insoluble particulate organic and elemental carbon concentrations and ionic concentrations from snowpits obtained at Summit, Greenland
2003 Lesley, Michael Froelich MS The fluxes and fates of arsenic, selenium, and antimony from coal fired power plants to rivers
2003 Li, Wenhong Fu, R. Ph.D What are the mechanisms responsible for the wet season onset over tropical South America
2003 Meskhidze, Nicholas Chameides, W. Ph.D Iron mobilization in mineral dust and the possible effect of Asian pollution on C-uptake in North Pacific Ocean
2003 Neuhuber, Stephanie M.U. Taillefert, M.   In situ measurements of redox chemical species with amperometric techniques to investigate the dynamics of biogeochemical processes in aquatic systems
2003 Nimblett, Jillian Ruppel, C. Ph.D Characterizing the accumulation and distribution of gas hydrate in marine sediments using numerical models and seismic data
2003 Salistrand, Daniel Koewing Lowell, R.P. Ph.D A groundwater flow and solute transport model of sequential biodegradation of multiple chlorinated solvents in the surficial aquifer
2003 Schultz, Gregory Michael Ruppel, C.   Hydrologic and geophysical characterization of spatial and temporal variations in coastal aquifer systems
2003 Slusher, Darlene Huey, G. Ph.D Techniques for measuring pernitric acid, peroxyacyl nitrates, and dinitrogen pentoxide by chemical ionization mass spectrometry
2002 Dixit, Suvasis Van Cappellen, P.S.   Dissolution of biogenic silica: Solubility, reactivity and the role of aluminum
2002 Estupinan, Edgar G. Wine, P.H.   Laboratory studies of potentially important atmospheric processes involving oxides of nitrogen
2002 Lawrimore, Scott Alan Cunnold, D.M.   Terrain and tornadogenesis in Georgia
2002 Li, Jinlong Cunnold, D.M.   The seasonal variations of ozone in the stratosphere and their hemispheric asymmetries
2002 Mooring, Raymond Derrell Dickinson, R.E. MS On the search of a statistical correlation between tropical Pacific SST and southeast US precipitation
2002 Nowak, John Balthasar Davis, D.D.   An airborne field study of dimethylsulfoxide at tropical latitudes and its relationship to the marine sulfur budget
2002 Snyder, Matthew Thomas Ruppel, C.   Geochemical trends associated with the seawater-freshwater mixing zone in a surficial coastal aquifer, Sapelo Island, GA
2002 Strekowski, Rafal Wine, P.H.   Laser flash photolysis studies of some O(1D2) and OH(X2II) reactions of atmospheric interest
2001 Baker, Michael Nelson Cunnold, D.M.   An assessment of contour advection and its use in examining vortex dynamics
2001 Craven, Colin M. Dove, P.M.   The effects of electrolyte solution composition on silica surface charge development
2001 deMartin, Brian J. Ruppel, C.   Laboratory measurements of the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of methane hydrate at simulated in situ conditions
2001 Yao, Yufeng Lowell, R.P.   Anhydrite precipitation and evolution of permeability in ocean ridge crest hydrothermal systems
2001 Yu, Hongbin Liu, S.C.   Radiative effects of aerosols on the environment in China
2000 Chen, Xiuqi Long, L.T.   On the characteristics of coda scatterers for shallow earthquakes
2000 Davis, Kevin James Dove, P.M.   Magnesium as an impurity in calcite growth: Thermodynamic and kinetic controls on biomineral formation
2000 Evans, Katherine J. Black, R.X.   A quantitative analysis of the physical mechanisms governing the life cycles of persistent flow anomalies
2000 Kurian, Ruth A. Lowell, R.P.   Temperature and thermal diffusivity of Sapelo Island salt marsh sediments
2000 Li, Jian Perdue, M.   Using cadmium-113 NMR spectrometry to study metal complexation by natural organic matter
2000 Liu, Lixian Cunnold, D.M.   The effect of order of inversion on SAGE II profile retrieval
2000 Lorier, Troy Howard Dove, P.M.   The dissolution kinetics of quartz and amorphous silica in natural waters: A baseline for silica reactivity
2000 Meile, Christof D. Van Cappellen, P.S.   An inverse model for reactive transport in biogeochemical systems: Application to biologically-enhanced pore water transport (irrigation) in aquatic sediments
2000 Shon, Zang-Ho Davis, D.D.   Photochemical assessment of oceanic emissions of DMS and its oxidation to SO2 based on airborne field observations
2000 Teng, Hui Henry Dove, P.M.   The thermodynamics and kinetics of calcite crystallization: Baseline for understanding biomineral formation
2000 Urbanski, Shawn P. Wine, P.H.   Laboratory investigation of the atmospheric oxidation of dimethyl sulfide
1999 Cabena, Lori E. Jahren, A.H.   Vascular land plant isolates from near-shore sediments and implications for stable isotope determination of the paleoatmosphere
1999 Martin, Jeffrey T. Lowell, R.P.   The influence of silica precipitation and thermoelastic stresses on the evolution of a ridge crest seafloor hydrothermal system
1999 Roychoudhury, A.N. Van Cappellen, P.S.   Biogeochemical dynamics in aquatic sediments: Novel laboratory and field-based approaches
1999 Soller, Raenell Wine, P.H.   Photochemistry and reaction kinetics of bromine nitrate
1999 Thornhill, Kenneth L. II Roper, R.G.   An investigation of the environment surrounding supercell thunderstorms using wind profiler data
1998 Allison, Jerry Dewell Perdue, M.   An implementation of the competitive Gaussian model for metal-humic binding in a general speciation model
1998 Duncan, Bryan N. Chameides, W.   The effects of urban ozone control strategies on northern hemisphere, midlatitude tropospheric ozone
1998 Gesser, Ryan Alan Hartley, D.   A quasi-geostrophic potential vorticity diagnosis of the March 1993 superstorm
1998 Grodzinsky, Gil Rodgers, M.O.   Atmospheric organic nitrate photochemistry of the southeastern United States
1998 Haas-Laursen, Danielle E. Hartley, D.   Estimating the regional surface fluxes of carbon dioxide using the Kalman filter
1998 Hauser, Heather Maguire Chimonas, G.   An investigation of shear instabilities in the mesocyclone
1998 Kuang, Jian Long, L.T.   Intraplate stress and seismicity in the southeastern United States
1998 Mandock, R.L. Nicholas Roper, R.G.   A multiple beam sodar for the measurement of atmospheric turbulence
1998 Moon, Gerald Edward Perdue, M.   A mechanistic study of the retention of dissolved organic matter by ultrafiltration membranes
1998 Schwartz, Richard Jay Long, L.T.   Analysis of prehistoric shoreline structures of coastal South Carolina and their significance in assessing regional geological stability
1998 St. John, James C. Chameides, W.   An investigation of meteorological, regional, urban, and point source influences on ozone events in the southeastern United States
1998 Villarin, Jose Tizon Hartley, D.   The dynamical influence of the stratospheric polar vortex on the atmospheric global circulation
1998 Zhao, Yong Dove, P.M.   An AFM study of calcite dissolution in water and selected amino acids
1997 Andronache, Constantin Chameides, W.   A study of aerosol interactions in aircraft wake and background atmosphere
1997 Bao, Xiaoping Cunnold, D.M.   Variation of the stratospheric ozone layer height and the quasi-biennial oscillation
1997 Beach, Darby J. Cunnold, D.M.   An investigation into the reference height offset of SAGE I
1997 Chang, Michael Eppard Kiang, C.S.   Inverse derived ozone precursor emissions for Atlanta, Georgia
1997 Crawford, James H. Davis, D.D.   An analysis of the photochemical environment over the Western, North Pacific based on airborne field observations
1997 Gilliland, Alice Brien Hartley, D.   The potential influences of ENSO on interhemispheric transport
1997 Henson, E. Lee IV Ruppel, C.   Spreading history of the South Atlantic, south of the Agulhas Fracture Zone, from 65 Ma to 40 Ma
1997 Lawrence, Mark Gary Chameides, W.   Photochemistry in the Tropical Pacific troposphere: Studies with a global 3D chemistry-meteorology model, vols. I & II
1997 Meng, Zhaoyue Seinfeld, J.H.   Thermodynamic and dynamic modeling of atmospheric aerosols
1997 Pos, Willer H. Wine, P.H.   On the processes and mechanisms affecting carbonyl sulfide and carbon monoxide photoproduction in natural waters
1997 Xu, Wenyue Lowell, R.P.   Towards numerical modeling of two-phase flow in seafloor hydrothermal systems
1996 Grantham, Meg Camille Dove, P.M.   Biogeochemistry of subsurface environments: Investigation of bacterial effects on oxyhydroxide. Coatings by fluid tapping mode atomic force microscopy
1996 Kindler, Thomas Paul Chameides, W.   The development of supercomputing tools in a global atmospheric chemistry model and its application on selected problems in global atmospheric chemistry modeling
1996 Kocaoglu, Argun H. Long, L.T.   A new method for modeling surface wave propagation in heterogeneous media
1996 Leifer, Ira Asher, B.   A validation study of bubble mediated air-sea gas transfer modeling
1995 Cao, Jing Cunnold, D.M.   An investigation of transport during minor stratospheric warmings in the southern hemisphere
1995 Chen, Gao Davis, D.D.   A study of tropospheric photochemistry in the subtropical/tropical North and South Atlantic
1995 Gao, Huizhen Perdue, M.   A new approach to fractionation of natural organic matter -- using ion retardation resin
1995 Hutzell, William T. Chameides, W.   The variations in the geometric albedo of Titan
1995 Lou, Guang Ping Alyea, F.N.   Three-dimensional simulation N2O transport and Antarctic vortex evolution
1995 Murphey, Bill B. Justus, C.G.   Case study investigation of meso-synoptic scale effects on the total ozone column
1995 Rhudy, Scott Alan Rodgers, M.O.   A remote sensing evaluation of the effectiveness of oxygenated fuels in the Raleigh, N.C. MSA
1995 Richardson, Jennifer Lynn Chameides, W.   An investigation of large-scale tropical biomass burning and the impact of its emissions on atmospheric composition
1995 Santos, Jose Luis Roper, R.G.   Micrometeorology of a shrimp farm: A case study in Ecuador
1995 Smarsh, David Anthony Justus, C.G.   Meteorological investigation of ozone anomalies during the Arctic Boundary Layer Experiment (ABLE 3A)
1995 Wang, Hsiang-Jui Cunnold, D.M.   A discussion of ozone trends based on SAGE, SBUV and MLS measurements
1995 Wang, Yonghua Alyea, F.N.   CFCl3 transport in the atmosphere
1995 Zhao, Zhizhong Wine, P.H.   Laboratory studies of the atmospheric oxidation of dimethyl sulfide using laser flash photolysis coupled with tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy
1994 Boadu, Fred Kofi Long, L.T.   Fractal characterization of fractures: Effect of fractures on seismic wave velocity and attenuation
1994 Callaham, John Minton Long, L.T.   Joint-inversion of Wenner Resistivity and frequency domain electromagnetic data
1994 Hayes, Adam Jason Otto Rodgers, M.O.   A determination of motor vehicle activity factors for Atlanta, Georgia, through fuel consumption analysis
1994 Huey, Joel W. Rodgers, M.O.   Experimental determination of the photolysis rate coefficients of nitrogen dioxide and ozone
1994 Kaufmann, Ronald Douglas Long, L.T.   Joint inversion of travel-time residuals and gravity anomalies for the velocity structure of southeast Tennessee
1994 Pearson, James Richard Rodgers, M.O.   A comparison of photochemistry at rural sites in the southeastern United States and southeastern China
1994 Sun, Lu Perdue, M.   Isolation, characterization, and bioavailability of dissolved organic matter in natural waters
1994 Thorn, Robert Peyton, Jr. Wine, P.H.   Laboratory studies of stratospheric bromine chemistry: Kinetics of the reactions of bromine monoxide with nitrogen dioxide and atomic oxygen
1994 Zheng, Jiangfen Chameides, W.   A model study of the influence of NMHC and Nox Emissions on Rural O3 concentrations in Georgia
1993 Chen, Yung-Chi Windom, H.L.   Trace element distributions in salt marsh sediments: The relative importance of non-steady state and diagenetic processes
1993 Matlack, Keith Scanlan Perdue, M.   Modeling the interaction of dissolved organic matter with cations
1993 Smyth, Scott Bevel Rodgers, M.O.   Conversion of SO2 and Nox in the Kuwait oil-fire plume
1993 Vogel, Christoph Alexander Roper, R.G.   An investigation of the role of flux divergence in the turbulent kinetic energy balance of the atmospheric surface layer
1993 Wang, Tao Rodgers, M.O.   Atmospheric reactive nitrogen oxides and their relationship with urban and rural ozone formation
1992 Chin, Mian Wine, P.H.   An atmospheric study of carbonyl sulfide and carbon disulfide and their relationship to stratospheric background sulfur aerosol
1992 Cortinas, John V. Chimonas, G.   An investigation into the role of moist, vertical drafts in the rotational development of storms
1992 Georgiopoulos, Andreas X. Long, L.T.   Models for the upper crust of the Charleston, South Carolina, seismic zone based on gravity and magnetic data
1992 Hunt, Rolf Gaylon Rodgers, M.O.   Vertical profile measurements of ozone, isoprene, and meteorological parameters during project seron/react
1992 Martinez, Jose Enrique Rodgers, M.O.   Impact of natural and anthropogenic hydrocarbons on tropospheric ozone production: Results from automated gas chromatography
1992 Ross, Christopher P. Long, L.T.   AVO limitations near salt structures
1992 Serkiz, Steven Michael Perdue, M.   Factors affecting the binding of protons and metal ions to naturally occurring dissolved organic matter
1991 Cardelino, Carlos Antonio Chameides, W.   Issues on urban ozone: Natural hydrocarbons, urbanization and ozone control strategies
1991 Hsu, Nai-Yung Christina Cunnold, D.M.   A study of ozone eddy transports in the winter middle atmosphere
1991 Lin, Xing Chameides, W.   Model studies of rainout, washout and the impact of chemical inhomogeneity on SO2 oxidation in warm stratiform clouds
1991 Lloyd, Frances B. Wigton Perdue, M.   The viscosity of mixtures of substances in aqueous solution: What do we really know?
1991 Schmidt, Eric Otto Justus, C.G.   Cloud properties as inferred from HIRS/2 multi-spectral data
1990 Cantrell, Kirk Jason Perdue, M.   Role of soil organic and carbonic acids in the acidification of forest streams and soils
1990 Chen, Wei-Chieh David Long, L.T.   Attentuation of the Lg wave in Alabama
1990 Demere, Judith Arlene Long, L.T.   Attentuation of seismic waves in Alabama
1990 Grant, Lillian Elizabeth Long, L.T.   A detailed topographical study of the Summerville-Charleston, South Carolina, epicentral zone
1990 Kocaoglu, Argun H. Long, L.T.   Rg wave dispersion tomography in northern Alabama
1990 Luo, Gang Justus, C.G.   A cloud fraction and radiative transfer model
1990 Myers, James L. Beck, K.C.   The hydrogen peroxide and sulfure dioxide chemistry of Atlanta rainwater
1990 Ouellet, Jeffrey Ovide Patterson, E.M.   Models of aerosol backscatter, extinction and absorption profiles for desert aerosols based on aircraft instrument and ground-based lidar measurements
1990 Salistrand, Daniel Koewing Lowell, R.P.   A mathematical model for magma-hydrothermal systems in the oceanic crust
1990 Tie, XueXi Alyea, F.N.   A three-dimensional global dynamical and chemical model of methane
1990 Torres-Bello, Omar Justus, C.G.   A simple zonal average energy budget model of the earth-atmosphere system
1990 Tuell, Jason Pierce Roper, R.G.   A search for strange attractors in the saturation of middle atmosphere gravity waves
1990 Xiang, Xuwu Justus, C.G.   The Delta-Sobolev approach for modeling solar spectral irradiance and radiance
1990 Xiao, Jingwei Roper, R.G.   Meteor radar studies of the mesopause region and nonlinear atmospheric waves
1989 Baum, Bryan Alan Justus, C.G.   The extension of rapid distortion theory to stratified shear flows
1989 Chu, Ding-Chong Allen Cunnold, D.M.   The interpretation of SAGE II ozone measurements in the lower mesophere
1989 Dillon, Marc Everett Kahn, B.   A study of radon-222 in groundwater in the Athens region of northeast Georgia: Concentration as a function of the geologic and hydrogeologic conditions
1989 Dorris, Kevin Scott Bradshaw, J.D.   A possible new source of nitrogen oxides: Atmospheric electrical corona
1989 Gone, Jec-Kong Lidsky, L.M.   Composition of fine and ultra-fine particles and source identification by stable isotope ratios
1989 Jiang, Wei Ping Long, L.T.   Determination of crustal velocity structures from teleseismic P waves
1989 Lee, Dana K. Blanton, J.O.   Evidence of Gulf Stream bimodality on a several month timescale
1989 Liow, Jeih-San Long, L.T.   A two-dimensional finite-difference simulation of seismic wave propagation in elastic media
1989 Nappo, Carmen Joseph Chimonas, G.   A theoretical investigation of gravity-wave-generated stress and vorticity in the planetary boundary layer
1989 Rossi, Robert James Chimonas, G.   The relationship between the buoyancy of near-surface air and the potential temperature of the tropopause
1989 Zelt, Karl-Heinz Long, L.T.   Investigation of the cause of earthquakes in southeastern Tennessee and northern Georgia using focal mechanisms and models of crustal stress
1988 Creamer, Frederic Harold Habermann, R.E.   A method to predict a large earthquake in an aftershock sequence
1988 Harsha, Senusi Mohamed Long, L.T.   An interpretation of southern Georgia coastal plain velocity structure using refraction and wide-angle reflection methods
1988 Ogilvie, Jeffrey Scott Long, L.T.   Modeling of seismic coda, with application to attenuation and scattering in southeastern Tennessee
1988 Radford, Wilbur Edward Jr. Long, L.T.   Relocation of earthquakes in the Lake Sinclair reservoir area
1988 Richardson, Jennifer Lynn Chameides, W.   The role of biogenic hydrocarbons in the photochemical production of tropospheric ozone in the Atlanta, Georgia region
1988 Watson, Thomas William Pollard, C.O.   The hydraulic characteristics of massive crystalline rock formations in the metropolitan Atlanta area, Georgia
1987 Alexander, C. Shafe Long, L.T.   High frequency enrichment in the P-wave coda of earthquakes
1987 Billington, Edward Davis Habermann, R.E.   Spatial and temporal seismicity variations in the south sandwich and northwestern South American subduction zones
1987 Ferretti, Rossella Einaudi, F.   Wave disturbances associated with the Red River Valley severe weather outbreak of 10-11 April, 1979
1987 Giorgi, Filippo Chameides, W.   Development of an atmospheric aerosol model for studies of global budgets and effects of airborne particulate material
1987 McKeen, Stuart Alan Kiang, C.S.   On the determination of transport variables for two-dimensional photochemical models of the stratosphere
1987 Tie, An Long, L.T.   On scattering of seismic waves by a spherical obstacle
1986 Canavero, Flavio Giovanni Einaudi, F.   Variability of atmospheric pressure spectra in the Po Valley
1986 Favilla, Lawrence Joseph Long, L.T.   An investigation of the Piedmont gravity gradient in Georgia based on the results of the Lamar County Gravity Survey
1986 Hall, Anne Marie Weaver, C.E.   The clay mineralogy of the lower San Andreas formation, Palo Duro Basin, Texas
1986 Kallos, George B. Chimonas, G.   Flow dynamics and stability in severe rainbands
1986 Newchurch, Michael Joseph Grams, G.W.   A comparison of stratospheric aerosol and gas experiment I (SAGE I) and umkehr ozone profiles including a search for umkehr aerosol effects
1986 Paris, Mark V. Justus, C.G.   Model studies of solar spectral irradiance at the bottom and top of a cloudy atmosphere
1986 Rodgers, Michael Owen Davis, D.D.   Development and application of a photofragmentation/laser-induced fluoresence detection system for atmospheric nitrous acid
1986 Thoroman, Marilyn C.P. Wampler, J.M.   K-AR geochronology of the Dokhan volcanics of the central eastern desert, Red Sea hills, Egypt
1986 Wey, Chowen Chou Cunnold, D.M.   Retrieval of moving waves from polar orbiting satellite data
1985 Bergantz, George W. Lowell, R.P.   Double-diffusive boundary layer convection in a porous medium: Implications for fractionation in magma chambers
1985 Fulford, James Kenny Roper, R.G.   A one dimensional dynamical model of ocean/atmosphere interactions
1985 Jessup, David Martin Mareschal, J-C.   Downward continuation and inversion of surface heat flow data from the interior southwestern United States
1985 Ngoddy, Adaeze Long, L.T.   Crustal thickness across the Southern Appalachians
1985 Padan, Ady Weaver, C.E.   Clay mineralogy of the bedded salt deposits in the Paradox Basin, Gibson Dome Well no.1, Utah
1985 Propes, Russell Lee Long, L.T.   Crustal velocity variation in the Southern Appalachians
1985 Tschirhart, Rochie Edward Pollard, C.O.   Fracture-trace analysis to increase the probability of locating groundwater for Murray County, Georgia
1984 Conner, Trent Gregory Weaver, C.E.   The mineralogy and water content of Paradox Basin evaporite deposits
1984 Huff, Glenn Fredrick Wampler, J.M.   The K-Ar geochemistry of carnallite -- evaluation of the geochemical stability of salt cycle six of the paradox formation in Utah
1984 Johnson, Anthony Phillip Long, L.T.   The Twiggs County Earthquake Swarm
1984 Jones, Frank Burdette Long, L.T.   Study of the attenuation and azimuthal dependence of seismic wave propagation in the southeastern U.S. and evaluation of Q from the coda of southeastern United States earthquakes at ATL seismic observatory
1984 Murphey, Bill Burns Jr. Grams, G.W.   An investigation on methods for determining the optical absorption coefficient of aerosols
1984 Paris, Mark V. Justus, C.G.   Comparative study of the causes and effects of recent southeastern droughts
1984 Ross, Barbara Anita Dainty, A.M.   Interpretation of maximum entropy derived dispersion curves from northern Alabama
1984 Wilson, Jeffrey Kent Long, L.T.   Influence of focal depth on the displacement spectra of earthquakes
1983 Cunningham, James Patrick Mareschal, J-C.   Downward continuation of potential fields
1983 Duckworth, Robert M. Dainty, A.M.   Q estimates from local coda waves
1983 Mullin, Clayton Wade Weaver, C.E.   Geology of the caprock and salt stock of the Richton Salt Dome
1983 Ramsey, Elijah Windom, H.L.   The source and distribution of radon-222 and radium-226 within South Atlantic Bight waters
1983 Stobie, James G. Einaudi, F.   A case study of gravity wave-convective storm interactions: 9 May 1979
1982 Bean, David M. Wampler, J.M.   Some diagenetic changes and potassium-argon relationships of a Cambrian limestone as a function of buriel depth
1982 Caines, Gary Lee Weaver, C.E.   Florida land-pebble phosphorite: The mineralogy and an evaluation of electrostatic beneficiation
1982 Frazier, James Edward Dainty, A.M.   Analysis of the Bouguer gravity anomalies in the region surrounding the Elberton and Danburg Granites in East-Central Georgia
1982 Friddell, Michael S. Weaver, C.E.   A study of the mineralogy of selected cretaceous and tertiary kaolins of central and eastern Georgia
1982 Hinton, Douglas Marshall Mareschal, J-C.   Geophysical studies of southern Appalachian crustal structure
1982 Marshall, Benjamin Thomas Grams, G.W.   Characterization and regional climatic implications of tropospheric aerosols
1982 Mohr, William Charles Beck, K.C.   Hair trace metal levels and cardiovascular disease mortality rates in Georgia
1982 Musser, James Alan Mareschal, J-C.   A geomagnetic variation survey of the southeastern Appalachians
1982 O'Nour, Ibrahim Mustafa Mareschal, J-C.   Gravity anomalies in central Georgia
1982 Parks, William Scott Pollard, C.O.   Multivariate analysis of Georgia coastal plain ground waters
1982 Pitts, Michael Charles Cunnold, D.M.   Planetary scale variations of stratospheric ozone as observed by SAGE
1982 Sherry, Joseph Edward Justus, C.G.   A simple hourly solar insolation model based on meteorological parameters and its application to solar radiation resource assessment in the SE U.S.
1982 Spiegel, Laurence S. Justus, C.G.   Total horizontal solar radiation use in determining radiation values on a tilted solar collecting surface
1982 Steigert, Frederick W. Long, L.T.   Seismicity of the southern Appalachian seismic zone in Alabama
1982 Trepte, Charles Raymond Cunnold, D.M.   Structure of ozone in the upper stratosphere utilizing SBUV satellite observations
1982 Tzeng, Wen Shyr Long, L.T.   Investigation of SV to P wave amplitude ratio for determining focal mechanism
1982 Zakikhani, Mansour Grams, G.W.   Observations of the optical properties of aerosol particles in the planetary boundary layer and the free troposphere
1981 Allison, Jerry Dewell Long, L.T.   Seismicity of the central Georgia seismic zone
1981 Hahn, Robert William Noll, R.   An assessment of the viability of marketable permits
1981 Herbert, James C. Long, L.T.   Modeling of crustal structures in southwest Georgia from magnetic data
1981 Hernandez, Heroel Lowell, R.P.   Numerical modeling of the convection in a fault zone
1981 Hovland, Nancy K. Beck, K.C.   Geochemistry of dissolved and fine particulate matter in the Satilla River
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