Research Areas

Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosols & Clouds

Research in atmospheric chemistry, aerosols and clouds is focused on understanding the chemically driven processes that affect the Earth's atmosphere.


Paleoclimate research at Georgia Tech seeks to understand how and why climate has changed in the past.

Space & Planetary Science

The field of Space and Planetary Physics is fundamentally interdisciplinary, and requires a depth and breadth of expertise impossible to house in a single department.


Research in the Biogeochemistry group focuses on low temperature and low pressure geochemistry in aquatic systems, both freshwater and marine environments.

Dynamics of Weather & Climate

Research in atmospheric dynamics ranges from studies of squall lines and gravity waves to cyclogenesis, weather regimes, hurricanes, remote sensing applications, and climate dynamics.


Research in geophysics at Georgia Tech covers studies from the inner core of the earth through planetary sciences.

Oceanography & Climate

Research on marine systems includes physical, chemical and biological and geological oceanography and investigation of coastal-zone processes and systems.

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is increasingly being used as technique to probe the Earth's atmosphere, ocean and land surfaces. Probing of other planets is accomplished largely by satellite remote sensing.