Graduate Applicant Visitation

Come visit EAS at Georgia Tech!

The Applicant Site Visit Program represents the best date for applicants to visit the School because of the focused attention given them by the faculty and our current students.

EAS's Applicant Site Visit is held at the end of February or early March for admissions for fall of that year.

The program consists of an opening session, followed by a tour of EAS's facilities, lunch with students and faculty, and a chance to meet with individual faculty. Some research areas will continue into Saturday morning with meetings and detailed tours.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending the next program. Although there is no charge to attend, reservations are necessary as space is limited. Students with a BS degree (with or without a MS degree) and an interest in a Ph.D. degree, along with NSF Fellows and applicants, EPA Star Fellows and other applicants and students with outstanding academic records are encouraged to attend the Site Visit.

Travel costs can be reimbursed for highly competitive students. Such students will be specifically invited by the faculty.

Indicate your interest in attending a weekend Site Visit by sending email to with a subject of "Graduate Site Visit Information." In the message, please specify the area of concentration (academic program) within EAS in which you plan to study.

Visits on other dates are welcome. Please try to let us know about two weeks in advance so that we can refer you to faculty in your area of interest.