Cryospheric Science

Research on the cryosphere at Georgia Tech includes terrestrial ice sheets, sea ice, planetary ice studies, lake ice, periglacial geomorphology and Arctic sedimentology. GT research groups conducting cryosphere research, include (but are not limited to):

  • Ice & Climate group led by Dr. Alex Robel,
  • Glacier Geophysics group led by Dr. Winnie Chu; and,
  • Planetary Laboratory Analyzing Environments, Terrains, and Analogs Group led by Dr. Frances Rivera-Hernandez

Existing research is focused on ice sheet & ocean modeling, geophysical field-based measurements, including airborne and ground-based radar-sounding, and joint analysis with EM & seismic techniques, as well as remote sensing, planetary analog studies in periglacial regions, and orbital observations of icy bodies on other planetary bodies. Multiple groups investigate how Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets changes have already and will in the future contribute to global sea level rise. Faculty and students regularly lead and conduct field campaigns in Greenland, Antarctica, Alaska, and other glaciated regions.

Academic & Research Faculty: 
Postdoctoral Fellows: